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      Create your cryptocurrency portfolio today

      Feature-Rich Professional Trading Platform

      • Lightning-fast trading & performance

        Combines speed with a variety of transaction options

      • Custom trading panel

        Flexible trading layouts to fit your trading style

      • Easy asset transfers

        Easily transfer assets, real-time digital asset overview

      • Account integration settings

        Multiple security options managed through one account

      Knox Products and Services

      Providing secure and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services to millions of users worldwide

      • World Class Layout

        A fast, easy, and familiar layout, combining some of the best layouts in the industry.

      • Trading system

        World-class liquidity engine ensures there is always liquidity for large trades.

      • Security

        Cutting edge security features, including cold storage, server redundancy and more.

      • High Scalability

        Ability to handle a fast growing userbase, transaction count, and workload with ease.

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